I’ve tried a few different rewards programs but Swagbucks is by far my favorite. Here’s their short video about what it is and then I’ll give you some more information about specifically how I do it and what I get out of it. Disclaimer - this is a referral thing so I would earn SB when you sign up and on SB’s you earn in the future. Doesn’t take anything away from yours though it just keeps us both rocking the gift cards. Because when you use my referrals, I’m here for you! I will try to help you.

  1. So the first thing you do is sign up. Please take a moment before you sign up and consider which email you want to use. If you are planning on redeeming Swagbucks for PayPal gift cards you will need to sign up for Swagbucks using the email associated with your PayPal. (I recently had to create a new account when I realized this) You may also just feel like dedicating an email to your rewards sites, work from homes stuff, etc. Once you have the email address set up or in mind you can sign up by CLICKING HERE.

  2. Another great thing to get going is the SwagButton. I use Chrome most of the time and it works great there. It’s not totally necessary because most of what you can do in the SwagButton you can do at the Swagbucks website or in the app. But it makes it a lot easier and saves a lot of time! It’s also the best way I’ve found to get codes and enter them quickly. CLICK HERE TO INSTALL THE SwagButton!

  3. Now you’re ready to get started and I want to tell you everyone does their Swagbucks a little different. You do what works for you. If some part of it is taking too much time for too little money then don’t do it! In my opinion there is one standout thing that I avoid in Swagbucks and that is the surveys. They simply don’t pay enough. There are other places to make money doing surveys online. I suggest going through THE PENNY HOARDER to research that. Also, bookmark The Penny Hoarder because it’s just a great reference for handling money and working from home.

  4. Okay another disclaimer - results may vary. It totally depends on how much time you spend on this and some of this depends on how much shopping you do with this! My biggest Swagbucks have come from purchases I made online and I’ll go through that more in my video tutorial. 100% of your brain should now be wired that when you see something that says “make $100 a day doing this or that” or “I made $100 a day doing this” then good for them if that’s true but a red flag should be going up.

  5. Next is hurry up and wait. When you redeem your Swagbucks it may take up to a week to get your gift card code in your email. It may depend on which gift card you redeem SB for and when but it will tell you when you go to redeem what kind of time frame to expect. This is the kind of thing once you get rolling with it you’ll be in a routine and pretty regularly redeeming but —- I would expect the first gift card, from the time you sign up until the time it takes to get your first gift card in your email to be about 2 weeks. Just keep earning SB that whole time. I feel like I should warn people in case they are really hoping for instant Walmart cards to order groceries with or something!

  6. Let’s earn some Swagbucks! Here’s the video I made about how I do things. (oops I published too soon. I am working on the video and will post to social media when I update this)