Prime Day #1 - who knew it was going to be 48 hours? I didn’t know that! Scroll past my referral links to find out more about why I chose these products to list here. Using my referral links helps the turkscribe to keep going and it doesn’t cost you anything more! I believe you don’t even have to buy one of these things but if you use one of my links and buy anything else it should still help me out. I really appreciate you doing this! And please comment below - what did you buy or what do you want to buy on Prime Day?

The Ring - not the scary movie, but the doorbell. I just want one so badly. We have one of those doorbells at the new house that plays a bunch of different tunes and I’m already pretty worn out on God Bless America in a tinny ding-dong style. Also, I love having security cameras everywhere.

Glue sticks - so here’s something I learned last school year. A lot of times teachers are asking for ALL those supplies not because your kid is going to go through 14 glue sticks (although I’ve heard tale that this is possible with some kids) but that the teachers pool together resources to make sure that every kid has supplies. Last year our teacher actually sent stuff back home at the end of the year! Nice!

T-shirt dress - I am OVER IT trying to fit into this or that and trying to find my belt (moving probs). So - t-shirt dresses and flip flops it is.

Air Pods - Were you on my social media when I was working out and tried for like half an hour to get my headphones to plug into my iPhone X? LOL! Yeeeeeaaaah there’s no headphone jack on those phones. Something about transcription work has got me more into headphones lately and I really do need them when I work out. Here’s a little good tidbit I learned from an employee at Best Buy - the headphones that are supposed to have that loop thing around your neck get returned all the time because they don’t stay on.

First aid kit - this one in particular just looked like a TON of pieces for that price. And I shop for/buy first aid kits all the time because you know, I’m weird like that.

Need a new Bible? Whenever I go to Half Price Books I look at all the Bibles and take them out of their boxes to feel the leather and I’ve got to say these have all been surprisingly nice for the price. And yes I actually do this quite regularly as my parents had a TON of books for me to get rid of and it has taken several car loads to get it all done!