I thought I’d do something a little different and just go through my past Amazon orders and post links to the best things here. Happy shopping!

THE LOCK was actually my most recent. It’s hard to find a key lock and I need it for lockers at Planet Fitness. I hate combination locks and this was WAY WAY cheaper than buying it at the gym.

THE BIG ICE CUBE TRAYS - I bought this after we moved because we no longer have an ice maker. I thought why not make it better. These are a huge hit in my house. theturkscribe FTW.

THE STEAM MOP - never thought I would buy one of these but the previous owner said it was the best thing for the hardwood floors and I’ve heard that before too so I went for it. It’s actually one of my favorite chores to do now. I remember rolling my eyes some years ago when people were talking about their steam mops but now here I am loving it too! I also ordered refill thingys too and they’re great. I’m that type - did the same with the air filter just by the refills or whatever right when you buy the thing. Right when you buy the thing, get the thingys. https://amzn.to/2HlgYp5

Woah that’s a lot of masking tape! Yep. Just because it was the right price and primeable. I use it to label cups mostly. It happens a lot when you have kids around or have people over. I love my label maker but it’s not always practical. Masking tape and sharpies to the rescue!

The wagon is amazing, amazing, amazing. It may not be primeable but I found the company to be communicative and professional and I was like wow this is very different than most of my Amazon purchases! We use it all the time and people actually stop me and ask to take a picture of the brand name and talk about it. I’m super hip to the wagon scene believe it or not because I do a lot of zoo type activities and those little plastic ones for smaller kids - you just can’t fit anything else in there and then how long can you really use those? I use this for a 6 year old but I fit a very big 8 year old in it! It has the best weight capacity, best features, best wheels at half the price of that fancy schmancy one. Yes there are $400 wagons. Also that fancy brand I see people buy black a lot. I love it for myself if it was just for Ravinia but as far as being out on hot summer days with an all black wagon - no thanks. People say just get the cheap one at Costco or Sam’s Club but they usually don’t have an awning and they are not a comfortable ride and don’t have sturdy wheels that turn easily. This was kind of a big splurge for us but I use it all the time and I remember when my daughter was little and I didn’t have a car how much having a good stroller meant to me! Makes a big difference.

This first aid kit was the one that I bought to tweak and make it into a martial arts first aid kit. (for kids that means add their favorite band aids and some instant cold packs) So it goes in the bag for karate and krav maga. I shop a lot for first aid kits and emergency preparedness stuff and this was a really good price for this level of quality. The case is good but better suited towards some emergency gear if you need room for stuff in a size somewhere between your altoids tin and the backpack.